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Blame It On The Sidekick

by DartAjax

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thought I knew where you had gone you were with me all along could have sworn I heard you go behind the tree enjoy the show you were with me all along
lighting up the outskirts the power lines have failed us leaking mustard and other gasses to soar beyond and see behind we take a look remember the comic not the kind that makes us laugh riding out the grid in the book lighting up the outskirts now there's nothing to see beyond the stars are all lit up for us to wonder where they went in the haze of visions not seen anymore when there's nothing left we take a look
this isn't how I think about the things I shout about after all this isn't why I scream the dream I have most every night not at all thought I was clever when I went into the pawn shop and saw your wedding dress as I trip and fall it goes together after all thought the game was over when I kicked the can in the middle of the road but it was not thought I was winning but I'm not trying to make a comeback not at all the tiger blood isn't in me after all won't be bringing it in from far away as I trip and fall it goes together after all
Down 03:08
far away for a while now I'm drifting off I sit back this is the time I most fear we're getting closer the land is near the shaking the noise as my ears explode I see the runway it sees me I ask it nicely once or twice to get us down safely down I wake up and look around glad to find we touched down with my feet on the ground I'm down the rolling escalator leads us home the broken escalator now that we're down
I'm not going outside today 'cuz I can't I'm stuck to my seat with some imaginary glue holding me tight stuck inside should have left a long time ago go for a ride I know it's nice out there on the outside not going outside today 'cuz I can't I'm stuck to my seat with some imaginary glue
blame it on the sidekick the one that didn't make it big now clearly in view little bean shaped head covered in colored thread staring back as if it had a clue fix the ink affix the stamp I can't find them so I try to find a pay phone to call my soul just to find it isn't home and it's not alone blame it on the magic trick that reminds me not everything is used it's like one of those shows where no one knows what's real or not it would just confuse us anyway
Windy Day 01:33
as soon as my vision starts to fail I look the other way I try to get away when everything lands in pieces I find them and hope they don't blow away but it's a windy day it's a windy day I'm running around trying to catch up with my mind here like always trying not to stir the dust getting in my sight seeing clearly through the clouds it's a windy day it's a windy day
of all the places no one goes we could have some fun they don't come out in any guide but there must be someone to show us all the secrets that can't be real and I will find no evidence they don't exist at all and we would laugh hysterically finding things to be alright the upside down waterfall flowing back into the air now we have seen the secrets imaginary psychic states and I will find no evidence they don't don't exist at all
On My Watch 02:15
no idea no fun no time no need to run that's why this has come to be I sit at the side of the table shadowed from vision the filming was hidden that's why this has come to be on my watch
With Red X's 01:47
you and I can cross the street now we're not walking on the sand we talk about the green house I know you understand I feel the ocean tides magnets messing with my mind we walk along the sidelines with red x's on our hands I know you understand and I take the stand yeah I take the stand
let's do something normal for a change get up early stand in line fill up the car there's lots of room it's a big one get what we want saw it while watching the game do something normal the normal way I'm not going to fly away 'cuz I can't or cut in line
Unrecognized 01:59
there's been little change on my mind I've been trying to get back in line so many times unrecognized I face the fine out of mind this is why I crawl across the floor I try to see what's on the other side over there and out of mind that's fine see the object of confusion so many times unrecognized I face the fine out of mind
when I first saw them didn't know what I had found seems crazy to laugh without a sound exploding dice gambling with my life undecided wrong again and that's alright stumbled back into the forest fired up a shady job tired of belonging and my head is pounding exploding dice gambling with my life snake eyes winning not a chance and that's alright
Sea Org Dub 01:20
take our test it's just a survey there's another level you need to go it's for the best, the best it's called hell and I'm in it I can't take it anymore
I stick out like a swollen thumb on a plastic shirt I try to take my own advice and get there first for the chance I may not get again they say and now I'm stuck in reverse over time the plates will change and you know I will ride again
Crazy Cat 01:25
we walk for miles when the sun was high I realize I chose the wrong side of the road we were walking on of the road had just begun I decided to choose a side we had to go and find a place to hide out of the way no one to see we sit around you and me we walk for miles to get home figured we were all alone look in the distance and see the crazy cat smiling back at me
thought I told you I stand for nothing you told me I was crazy and I must stand for something you're right it's just hard to get the point in a confusing atmosphere where no one cares that's why I call myself an incidental accident on the side of a highway I have never driven on might stop but I might move on see the ramains avoid the pain move on go for the shore I go for broke selling things that don't exist smoke and mirrors where's the fruit we grew?
following you you run away I bought you an onion swore it was the sweetest fruit on the tree gave it to you you laughed at me but took it anyway it looks so nice and I'm rolling all my chances changing the color of the land above the world it's orange now with fiery sunsets all around we stick together in fear of the unholy sounds we hear now before us it looks so nice and I'm rolling all my chances into being real and on and on and on and on and on I'm holding the time and on and on and on and on and on you're running with me
Hosed 01:48
Third Rail 01:37
keep your feet behind the line and I swear I swear we'll be fine keep your arms inside the moving car we'll go far as far as we can don't even think about the third rail it'll blow your mind it'll blow your mind away


This is my batch of songs written and recorded between March 2012 and January 2013.


released January 31, 2013

All songs written and performed by David Leonard during 2012 and early 2013.


all rights reserved



DartAjax San Francisco, California

DartAjax represents the solo recorded output of David Leonard, of San Francisco, CA. He (me) has played drums in a number of bands and still does. He plays all the instruments in the DartAjax stuff (usually drums, bass, guitar, and vocals). He wrote and recorded all of these songs on his own. ... more

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