April Fool

by DartAjax

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released March 24, 2011



all rights reserved


DartAjax San Francisco, California

DartAjax represents the solo recorded output of David Leonard, of San Francisco, CA. He (me) has played drums in a number of bands and still does. He plays all the instruments in the DartAjax stuff (usually drums, bass, guitar, and vocals). He wrote and recorded all of these songs on his own. ... more

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Track Name: Levity
Thoughts running around
Seeking higher ground
Try to dig them out but they need air
If I want to fly
Can't use my sleeves
Always on the side of gravity
I'm laughing
I am standing
I'm flying
A double shot won't cut it around here
Long standing over the line
I can see the extra time it takes to find what's mine
Oh, what do I need it for?
I'm laughing
I am standing
I'm flying
Try some levity
Track Name: On The Coast
You and I were on the ceiling we were looking at the stars
To see where they belong
We were looking in the sky to see where we belong
Over time not gone
And I was riding in the side car
I was staring at the road not far below
It was passing by far too close
And I felt like I could die
Right here on the coast
Track Name: So Much Further
I need some words to explain
Why I am walking in the mine field
Barbs and jabs
I am learning to communicate with myself
You and I are in the corner
Fighting off the cages we are in
I am lying when I'm lying
Do the same when I'm standing up
Holding down the seeds the wheat fields
On the horizon
There's so much further to go
So much further to go
We walk on
It seems far
Not far enough
It seems too far
We walk on
It seems far
Not far enough
It seems too far
We've seen the end - the lighthouse
So much further to go
Track Name: Always Here
I'm in the doorway
Sneaking down the hall
From your windows, nothing to hide at all
I'm on the sidewalk but I don't walk by
No I don't walk by
No I don't walk by
Out of the air
Once again
Diving sideways laughing
No fear I lie
I'm always here for you
And those who know I am
And I will not stay clear
You know where I am
I'm on the street
Right nearby
I might be walking by
Just walking by
I'm always here
Track Name: April Fool
I'm no April fool
You know I was born in June
And I'm thankful for your little box of charms
And harm it stays away from me
I don't want to be the one staring at the tree
Jump up get all I can
You know I could make the case
This is no ordinary race
I'm stuck on the starting line
Hear the gun shot fired up into the air
I spend my time like I don't care
But it's all a lie
Now I'm your April fool
Track Name: As We Move Along
Where did they go?
I have a message from beyond
I'd like to say it on my own
They're not here anymore
Thanks for the memories
For all the feeding you have done
You kept us growing
The writing on the walls
Filled our lives with song
As we move along
As we move along
Or we're gone
Track Name: At The Lost And Found
I think of all the way of flying
They keep me sane
Floating over highways, oceans, air
I see the streams below me
Have all come and gone
All come and gone
They're not gone
Find it at the lost and found
We can find it at the lost and found
I recall the days are gone
The visions are all too far out to find me
Checking out the marmalade
The apple dolls have found a way to find me
So they found me
Falling at the Ice Capades must be freezing
But I'm not
Find it at the lost and found
We can find it at the lost and found
Track Name: Between The Signs
Between the signs
We arrive on time
Before the maintenance we see the sights
There is nothing I am wanting for
Speed up
See more
Going faster
Don't want it to end
We slow down
We see what we want between the signs
Track Name: Eh ...
Eh ...
Track Name: Having Fun
I look for things I have in mind
Wonder where they are
What I would find
Bouncing circles off the sky
As is if this wasn't why we were having fun
It frightened me when the rug was gone
But then I knew for sure we were on the moon
Dawdle again the sun comes out
See the results
Nothing done
Having fun
Having fun
Track Name: In The Dark
When there's more to go we check it out
I've got more time that I found lying around
I can't think of the forest right now
Might get lost in the dark
If you thought someone was listening
You might be right
I hope that you're wrong
Get in the car turn around
And the radio turn it down
It's not what I've found but what I fear
What we can't see in the dark
If you thought someone was listening
You might be right
I hope you're wrong
So much we can't see in the dark
I'm glad we're alone in the dark
What we can't see in the dark
I'm glad we're alone in the dark
Track Name: Marketplace
I saw you at the marketplace
You were standing by your stall
You were hawking things
I can't understand at all
Track Name: Raining All The Time
I've been wishing for the shadows
To block the day
Normally I never feel this way
There's something I can't see today
It's been raining all the time
I will never ask for more
I want the sun to hide away
I won't mind the dark
I know what I say
It's been raining all the time
It's been raining all the time
Track Name: Shut Down
Sometime I find I wonder why this isn't done and I shut down
Over the years I've found people tend to disappear
When there is more to be done
That's what I've found
When I shut down
And I swear I'm not trying to hide
I pull up the double blinds
Overheated taste test
Try to get things off my chest and I shut down
Yeah I shut down
Track Name: To Find Out
We're hunting down the thing we don't want to find out
You've watered down the truth for all of us
And we're grateful
As we're not ready or worthy to find
To find out
To find out